Silver Palm & Resort Story


'Located in Mombasa, Silver PALM is unique amongst luxurious resorts of Kenya. They also offer a range of specially curated Silver PALM Experiences, which are unmatched by other luxury resorts in the country.

This was an exciting project for our Agency, as we were able to collaborate across the world with our client, in Kenya from our Ahmedabad office. The owner approached us with the need for a modern and bold logo for his resort, Silver PALM. After suggesting a series of different logos, we were able to understand what was exactly in his mind. Silver PALM specializes in it's SPA facilities, hence we put a spotlight on "S" of Silver PALM. Since Palm trees are a key feature in the resort, PALM is written in bold font and the logo also represents Palm tree. The semi circle attaching the corner leaves of the tree demonstrates that you can get everything under one roof. The silver shade in the logo signifies its name. This logo indicates their splendid taste and the stupendous services which they determined to deliver.

"I want to glide in a world of beauty,' I said. 'To be carried away into a world of luxurious things." - James Lusarde