Mayur Wovens


Mayur Wovens has its product range in the industries of Agriculture, Construction, Packaging and Transport. It is based in Ahmedabad and is a part of The Mayur Group.

The major product of Mayur Wovens is plastic. They wanted a logo design which had the essence of the main product. The owner has a deep understanding of their products and an appreciation for design nuances. Our goal was to develop an unique logo that would appeal to smaller specified clients as well as large businesses. The small boxes represents the basic structure of their products. Two different colours are used to signify their numerous products in various markets. Our intent was to form a bold mark that is startling and quickly comprehensible and clear from afar, but could reveal supplementary levels of aspect over time.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. - John Ruskin