East African Elevator Story


'East African Elevator Co. LTD supplies customers with the highest quality elevators at the lowest and most competitive prices available. It is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

In order to appeal to their professional demographic, East African Elevator Co. LTD needed a refreshed brand identity. Our logo designers remodelled and amended a look that added dimension to the company's initial into a design that is shaped like an elevator. This new corporate logo design gave the business a mature and entrepreneurial look that appeals to the high-end clients they serve. The colour Red is used as it indicates strength and perseverance and colour Navy Blue is associated with integrity and professionalism. A customized "E" stamped on the top of logo adds a personal touch to represent the quality products, and enriched dynamic experiences associated with their overall brand strategy.

"Every state of society is as luxurious as it can be. Men always take the best they can get." - Samuel Johnson