DharamSingh Hanspaul & SonsLtd


BRAND NAME: We have acronymed the company name into DSH, i.e. the initials of Dharam Singh Hanspaul & Sons LTD. As per Numerology, the letter 'D' is for balanced and secured, while 'S' is for energetic and it attracts money; and 'H' is for success and business acumen.

FONT: We have used the bold font for better emphasis on the initials of the brand name. Our creative designers connected the letters 'D' and 'H' with the letter 'S' in the middle representing that the Diversity of the company's High-valued products is united with Strength.

COLORS:    The color Red is infused into the logo to make the brand look for profits in manufacturing and selling business. Red in the letter 'H' represents devotion for work. Whereas the color Blue is meant for loyalty and trust in business. Blue in the letter 'D' stands for dedication and desirability.