Claris Capital Story


'Claris CAPITAL is a finance unit of Claris Group based in Ahmedabad.

When they came to us for a new logo, we wanted to help them by building a new identity that is professional and relatable, yet modern and unique. When a viewer does a double-take and think twice before passing by a logo, that's considered a win in our book. The true creative challenge was to bring an air of sophistication and a sense of eccentricity to a logo of finance firm. Our creative designers mixed two fonts in the logo. First one in "Claris" is same as it's in the logo of Claris Lifesciences LTD (as they wanted to keep). The other font in "CAPITAL" is clean and quiet which is perfect for a finance company.

"Rule No. 1 : Never lose money.

  Rule No. 2 : Never forget Rule No. 1." - Warren Buffett