RGENIE Logo Story


We had to create a genie out of nowhere figuratively speaking when we designed a logo for New Delhi based RGenie who are into waste recycling of dry waste and wet waste. The RGenie was a challenge for our ARM team as we had to look through the Vaastu prism that needed to convey the importance of designing an environment compliant logo. Genie is a supernatural creature and the logo has a symbolic green leaf symbolising recycling as a means to protect the surroundings and Mother Nature where we live and thrive.

We had incorporated the principle and vision of RGenie which takes care of waste segregation, collection and recycling. Its Action reflects Vision to scrap any waste from the barrel .

Our designers are making Vaastu compliant logos. When it concerns we produce environment-friendly logos with the same ease. We know genies are know to bless after a good deed is done. We have designed a logo that gives meaning to waste disposal be it infectious waste, sharps waste, pharma waste, biodegradable waste or simply the recyclable wastes like paper, plastic, metal and glass.