Purity Polytubes Pvt Ltd


Purity Polytubes provide packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic industries where they manufacture plastic tubes which we use in facewash, cosmetic and medicinal tubes. In this logo we have co-joined the most powerful colours for the brand, i.e Red and Blue. Both of these colours have their significant qualities of expansion, longevity and prosperity in the business. The graphic used is an abstract illusion of the front end of the tube overlapping the square with base colour in red. The colour red influences the brand through its own recurring vibe. The colour delineate qualities of bravery, power and wealth security. A dot is also used in the design which stands for purity, courage and uniqueness. The Grey coloured circle represent the layer of protection from the company to the manufacturer. The colour grey stands for prosperity and wealth. The logo is a metaphor on what company does and their motives on which they stand on.