Maple Software


Maple software is a multispecialty IT software that provides solutions to both the vendors and the companies. This beautiful logo is the combination of multi colours and defined style. The design is the perfect portrayal of their name “Maple software” representing it with Maple leaf. The variety of colours on leaf exhibit their multi functionality of the services which they provide to the clients. The outline of square across the Maple leaf represents the virtual medium on which the service is available. The font used are of two different colours; Red and Blue along with Grey. The word “Maple” is written in modern, bold format in all caps in Red which mainly focuses on the company and the solution they provide. The letter “A” has modern touch to it. The colour Red exhibits the qualities power, strength and loyalty. The word “software” is in the colour blue which show cases the qualities of longevity and purity. This is considered as an excellent colour in terms of software business. The colour grey used in secondary font adds a tint professionalism to the whole logo. This logo is perfect when it comes to their services and principles on which they stand on.