Krion Logo Story


'In designing KRION logo, a brand name for shirts and shirting material, the ARM team keenly noted the numerology. For instance, KR in KRION represents Number 2; I is 1; O is 7 and N is 5 totaling 15 and adding it comes vital 6. SIX is a harmonious number representing beauty and wisdom. KRION COTTONS with blue and red background is a brand symbol of good quality and knitting perfection.

FONT: White Helvetica font stands out boldly without serfs in the blue backdrop and red below for COTTONS highlights the fragrance of KRION brand for its elegance.

COLORS: Red and blue contrasts better than any pair of colour. Blue represents the universal sky and thirst-quenching water. It is inspirational and signals contentment and soothing effect for skin and healing its infirmities. Red on the other hand is a bold color signifying energy and vibrancy. Red is stimulating and can kindle one’s appetite literally. The two colours make the logo stand out for its energetic boldness and eye-catching elegance. KRION no wonder is a brand out there selling and making profit.