Karan letex ltd


Company that depicts their business as fast and modern, a logo that matches with their style is something that every brand strive for. Observing each and every element of the logo-
Horse with wings and a jockey indicates the abstractness of power, strength and commitment to move forward with as an employee to customers.
Wings ideate the service of speed, divinity and light-weighted firmness.
Jockey exhibit the power of smooth and easy journey of the company.
An emblem that constitutes a star and the crown exhibit the power of passion and legacy, it also indicates the endowment of the company towards the business and customers.
The banner made with ribbon is a symbolic way of conveying that notion of well establishment of the company. The prominent colours used in this logo are blue, pink and grey. Blue represent progressive strength, stability and growth to the company. Pink brings happiness, joy and follows the path of positive influence just like the colour grey.
All the elements used in the logo is a depiction of pure commitment, progress, solidity and success.