D Tech


D Tech Company manufactures batteries, operating from Kenya. As they deal in hardware and mechanics we wanted to provide them with logo that showcases their working technicalities and policies for it. A graphic of connecting wires depicts their works, whereas the upward hike of those connecting wires exhibit their relation with their clients and profitable sales revenue. We have focused the word “D”- for more centre of attraction. Whereas the word “tech” is in more modern font for the upfront look in it. We have used the colours blue in connecting wires that represents the qualities of progressive growth and containment of wealth. White represents the qualities of transparency and Red represents the qualities of passion, strength and bold step in the market of same industries. We have used the colour grey in the word “tech”, which is a colour of “ketu”, i.e illustrates the sections of happiness and continuous wealth. This logo is apt as per the brand and its work genre.