An epitome of modern and urban jewellery that illustrate the quality of modern women of substance-Versatility and Simplicity to be precise. Just like fast fashion, H. Craft is fast-jewellery for women exhibiting, its design as intricate as possible with an amalgamation of contemporary, street style, heritage and inspired for millennial women.
We gave them the logo with a modern touch, by representing the letter “H” as indelible structured look. It can also be depicted as the geometric illustration of the diamond, as artistically put.
The colour combination of Red and yellow is considered as auspicious in relation to this particular niche. Yellow is the most natural and powerful colour, both in value and intense in purest form. It represents optimism, gallantness and jubilancy. Red is a colour of passion, wealth, positive energy and durable vibrancy.  Yellow when co-relates with Red in any design, it represents freshness and vivaciousness.