Renowned Corporate Consultant and Vaastu Expert, Dr. Ravi Rao is our mentor and guide whose learning and wisdom guarantees that every single logo that we bring into being should be a masterstroke of aesthetic and business acumen.

He ardently believes that “Logos are not good or bad. They are either lucky or unlucky.” The most amazing and fascinating quality of Dr. Rao is his wizardry in the subject of Logos. He has productively cracked the Colour Codes complying with Astrology and Vaastu code of beliefs that can make any Corporate Logo a wonder tool for advancing the forecast of the company. By altering or fine-tuning the Logos clubbed with Astro-Vaastu principles, Dr. Rao has swung many companies’ fortunes for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Rao elucidates on the fact that how a logo can be rendered ‘weak’ by unfitting design, shape or colour which will keep erecting obstructions and hinders the smooth functioning of any company. On the other hand, a ‘strong’ logo will pro-actively deflect pitfalls and solicit success, growth and survival of the company.

Improving the logo design according to Vaastu perspective does not mean making it more attractive or pretty. It denotes fixing the Vaastu disharmonies that the logo design is causing for the company’s prospects. A company can exist and live with a bad logo but it will hamper its growth and prosperity. Vaastu intervention in logos is for those companies who dreams big and strives to achieve the best!