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When it comes to business and branding, logo plays a big role in recognizing about the brand and it’s following up the marketing in future. The company you own- its brand and identity is decisive to the success of the business. Logo that exhibits the meaning, convey the importance of a company and its motives. The logo should highlight the company’s strengths and mirror the core business policies and values. Your logo should create an impact in the market, to the competitors as well as to the audiences.

Importance of Logo Design :

Logo is just the small piece of the business puzzle but it is a vital one. A logo is a symbolic way of representing your idea, model in the market in hope for brand recognition. For larger businesses, the goal is to be recognized even without naming the company (ex. McDonald’s and Nike). The checkmark design of the Nike brand conveys the meaning of the logo and the company; and after years of dedicated

dedicated marketing and core advertising, now the audience associates Nike with its logo which is “the checkmark”.

Logo design conveys the perfect meaning of the company and services associated with it. More than this, logo recognition depends a lot on its design and aesthetic of it. It is believed that the logo should be easy with spotlight colours and facile design that helps any audience (be it competitor or marketers) identify the design and motive behind it. The concept of logo shouldn’t be complicated and difficult in design or to bright or too low for copious understanding.

Logo and Business - (Vaastu Compliant logo vs. Growth):

The design of the logo and business it collects forms a very deep connection when it comes to long and progressive growth of it. A spectacle of wrong doings and downfall of the business is observed and believe it or not, logo and its design is something that should be considered as an important port. There are logos which are designed keeping in mind the compliancy of the logo and Vaastu. It is believed that Vaastu compliant logos inert positive ideas and vibes to the business’ future. The research of such logos are based on various logos that are still present in the market defying their performances and design. No design can turn into prosperous business if the design of the logo is inherently faulty. Vaastu compliancy depends on lot of factors such as the right kind of colours as per the genre of business, the right kind of design and shape. Colours, shape and fonts plays a big role in deciding the fortune of any firm. As the saying goes, “Logos aren’t good or bad, they are either lucky or unlucky.”

What is correct, when it comes to logo?

A lot of times, no matter how pleasing the design is or how efficiently it is made, the business associated with the faulty logo turns out to be a great loss with no revenue or success stories to convey. A successful logo is an aesthetic visuals alongside great design that helps in achieving and climbing great ladders of the success, it all depends on colours, design, edge, shapes and fonts. People often ignore these easy yet essential steps of logo making which is compliant to Vaastu and guaranteed success. Instances like- only defined shaped logos are seemingly successful (hexa or octagon shaped logos are turned out to be a big blunder in success), Few colours like Red, Blue, Golden are great when it comes to retail, manufacturing or finance business, black is considered as unlucky for most the fields apart from liquor or bar business. These are the few things that is clubbed when it comes to the logo which is correct and is assured of guaranteed success.

*We at ARM, provide our clients with Vaastu compliant logos keeping in our mind the design and designated shapes. The exquisite work by our design team has provided logo to the big names as well as is assured of making it to be aesthetically pleasing alongside the guaranteed success, contact us for more information*