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We have always contemplated the regular difference between branding and marketing, there has always been connection between these two when it comes to a brand and company but surely they are different when it comes to executing these two techniques on brand policy for the company. It is important for a business owner and owning a brand, it is essential that one should understand the concepts of marketing and branding on a very detail for the effective utilisation for the company to grow.

Understanding the concept of branding and marketing- Branding is who and what you are and Marketing is how you build your business and awareness of your company. Branding is the strategy that you make for the company to run on whereas marketing strategy binds in your tactics and tricks for the company to reach its goals. Before one start to generalise the each concepts of Branding and Marketing, one should ask several question that ranges in industry basics, awareness of services and products and what determines your company as a brand. Branding should add and multiply

your marketing effort as they are both interlinked to the company’s effect. Branding is not pushing your company’s service under the throat but a pull in the market that works as a pulley for the revenue and buzz of the company to round up. Branding is the communication of characteristic of values and attributes that clarifies the the niche of the brand.

Branding and Marketing go hand in hand, brand into its branding and marketing phase will never say directly “Buy me” instead will go on in an elaborative way of “This is who I am, This is why I exist, I do a better job than my competitors, If you agree then should totally buy me and support me”.

Your branding will multiply what your consumers can expect of you and the experience they utilise of your products and services. Branding will consume and multiply your marketing efforts for years to come.

Marketing often refers to the tools you utilise to deliver the branding of your brand. Marketing will evolve with its updating techniques and methods, just like the services and products. It is generally targeted towards your niche audience while supporting the core of your brand, it is wide and vast with a mix of visuals, audio graphs and charts. The techniques of marketing are both online and offline- From SEO, content marketing, pay per click, Radio, Print, Publication and Media.

Branding is the core of your marketing strategy, so definitely branding comes first. This is applicable even for start-ups as it is essential to define your business as a brand before the device usage comes into practice. Branding is what will keep your clients come running back, and the ground on which you built your consumer loyalty.

Take any restaurants or drugstore, it is the brand and the trust that you keep going back to, it is their branding that keeps you coming back time and time again whereas marketing methods evolve and work to current topics and trends- while branding remains the same. It is important to realise the importance of branding on marketing, you may achieve success without branding but with branding as your technique you will have more sustainable and substantial success rate. Branding is like solid structures to your starting point and understanding the difference between marketing and branding will allow you to build your company on the foundation of branding with extension of marketing.