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It’s funny how everything is just one click away, right. From ordering food, to contacting people for marketing, easing up for public relations or selling your old piece of furniture. Think of one thing you want to do and you already have an individual app for that. Social media is that rebellious kid that everyone hates to love or loves to hate.

Social media has eased our life, no matter how argument has pervaded to being shallower but believe it or not- Social media has changed the way we live our life. Millennials have incorporated the usage more and more, from education to finding a job- From creating a job to meeting someone- everything is just an app away. From debate to strong point proven-Social media has created various and worthy platforms for people regarding jobs, opportunities, creativity and business.

Who thought of newly created positions to work like “social media manager” and “Video creator”?

Social media has broken all the traditional pathways from journalistic route to becoming an actor. Nobody is bound to follow a certain pathway. Lilly Singh with Psychology degree is now a successful YouTuber with 12M subscribers, author, actress and business woman. Many housewives have got the platform to work and start (even it’s a small scale) their business and work for what they believe in.

No matter how pre-millennial generation defend the casual pattern of internet and people operating it; just like two sides of every coin- be it good or bad; the more wise you are the more it will generate platforms for you.

The argument has sustained and it will; but the important fact is- the revolution has begun and there’s no going back. Traditional methods have started to be more like a souvenir, and the media has become more in practical usage. From approach to methods of application, everything is digital. Everyone is starting up and there’s no boundaries.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? I check news via phone.