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If you are reading this, either you want to know marketing strategy that actually works or you are just being curious. Well, in either of the case-you clicked the right link. This article is going to debunk all your queries which included “how’s” and “why’s” regarding brand and business promotion. The biggest bridge you’ll build in between your brand and the audience is by captivating them through various medium of communication and this is where you knocks the doors of all the social media residents, you know the ones called, ‘Facebook’, ‘twitter’, ‘Instagram’ and all their neighbours. This is where the actual work starts, miracle over social media doesn’t happen overnight (well, contrary to that it- Video getting viral does happen overnight.

Marketing strategy that might actually work for you:

1) A brand that #shooketh the audience, #brandonfleek, maybe

Your brand should be elegant, simple and conveys all, what you want to convey to the audience. Make sure you always update with newer campaigns and promotional offers on your website, just so that it remains relevant to the content and competitors.

2) Have trust on your product/business:

Before you reach out to audience, telling them about your product do a brand test and make sure it goes through all heat and reviews. Your business/product should be the most important thing you should concentrate on.

3) Specify your audience:

Instead of being jack of all, be master of one. Specialise in your product for specific type of customer. Create a marketing strategy for those specific audience, as this will appeal to them more and it becomes easier for you as well. This way your business will never die because of lack of execution.

4) Make sure you use Social Media

Gone are the days when people came to know about companies and firm while talking, if someone has to find about you-they look online. Make sure your digital presence is felt, it should be polished, its motive should be clear and promote according to the social media functionality. Promote what you like, advertise the stuff you are doing, talk about current news and feeds. Share picture and videos for more one on one interaction. Expand your fan base by unlocking the skills visually and effectively.

5) Have a team with good communication

Keep everyone on board, talk about plans and its execution. Make sure you post everything that shows and talks about your brand. Your viewer should feel the part of the whole process.

6) Don’t post picture just for the sake of it

Most important thing people don’t understand is- Internet loves unique. Now this unique can weird or the most beautiful things you’ll ever see, people over the internet love when things are done differently. Don’t post boring pictures, long statuses and boring videos and expect overnight success. Even if you follow all the other rules, if your posting creativity isn’t strong nothing’s going to yield you any result.

7) YouTube is not just for cat videos

Apparently, people have made career out of it and brands fortune. Social media is a Ferris wheel on constant run, and if you aren’t keeping up with- no rules will work. YouTube is a good platform to showcase your work, product and better way to interact with audience.

8) Know when it is right time to stop

Internet is a giant place of trends with a very little shelf life. If you don’t evolve with time and know which and what trends to follow- you will lag behind. Today’s viral video is tomorrow cache cleared. It’s important to know, when the right time to promote what content over what platform is.

At the end, it is about what you feel right about your business and firm. Follow the niche idea and promote according to it. Your digital presence defines your business to others, if it isn’t executed properly-something big is missing out.