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Everyone wants their brand to create some buzz among people; they want their brand to be heard and social media managers never draw any line when it comes to making their business and product creating a good tempt. We all are aware of “Memes” (pronounced as: Meems), the ones that are hilarious, goes viral for their funny content and no matter how much you deny- it makes an impact. 9 out of 10 memes has a chance of going viral, and social media manager and brand advisors are making sure to use the impact of memes as their part of social media marketing campaign.

In today’s time, the best way to get you on top of the game in marketing strategy is to get your product heard. For instance, let us take the brand of hotel search called “Trivago”.Everyone knows the guy that pops up on the screen with the line- “Kya apne kabhi hotel search kiya hai?” or the “Airtel girl”.No matter how much you hate them, they end up being the meme; striking up their app download rate and purchase rate up.

Memes have the complexity of being on everybody’s word of mouth or on everybody’s phone. The more the meme gets shared; the impact it is making for the brand or product. The Kermit meme hiked up sales of Lipton tea bags.

The right way to use memes for marketing for the business is to choose the right kind of image; choose the product, the picture you want or spin to the popular memes. Final product should tie with your branding and company. Memes should be clever, funny or should have some hilarity take on it; in order to get it viral. One should create the advertising meme; thinking how the audience would react. Their efficiency and reaction should be taken as priority while creating a marketing meme.

At the end of the day; the platform matters. One should take care of the platform of the social media. Push it out to all the generals of the social media platform, so that majority of the audience can take a look and has time for the buzz.