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World has changed. Man has evolved from being a primitive ape once to a civilized creature. Today it is his digital evolution that is a strong force constantly reshaping thought processes at incredible speed.

Once billboards were vogue; now are passe. It is the mobile phones that is held in the palm that makes the world come under the thumb. 

In this age of dynamic branding we at ARM realised how important “Digitolution” or Digital evolution is as we go about designing logos which poses a creative challenge. Logos ought to represent the soul of a company even when seen through the prism of digital formats. In digital world logos are more a ‘virtual’ visual objects. They do strike a deeper chord at the root of our consciousness. Indeed, identification in the digital world changed very concept of seeing things –billboards coming down to miniaturisation.

How does a logo impact a  company? From Facebook’s “f” to Nike's "swoosh" every company is now wanting to be digitally empowered. Indeed it has given fliiip to visual identities that redefine brand value. Traditional branding concepts gone with social media overtaking them.

ARM Communications in designing Vaastu compliant logos reiterate that there aren’t good or bad logos; only lucky or unlucky ones even in digital world. What separates logos when seen in digital formats is the flexibility of design as digital spread on different vistas can be dissimilar from mobile app to TV medium. Uniformisation of virtual reality is the key.

With our experience, we can vouchsafe that our Vaastu compliant logos designed for hundreds of brands have still survive the vagaries of market competition. Whatever may be the avenues a logo needs to be flexible in digital formats. That is virtual reality!

Is there a new mode of creating logos for being seen through prism of digital world? Yes, there is.

1. Must mirror Client’s Business

The client and his business orientation plays a key role in designing logos which should be compatible with client profile as market has power to transform a successful logo. Client needs to give all details so that the research team gets an insight to make the logo aesthetic as well as Vaastu compliant.

2. Personal touch

Logos reflect brand value when there is personal touch. In age of consumer awareness digital touch counts. Rather than creating bland logo understanding client’s perspective can match vibes reflecting the company’s business ethos. For that to happen logo design ought to be flexible so that digital spread is same when viewed on different vistas.

3. Mobile App

Mobile Apps play a crucial role in brand strategy formulation. For we in the ARM, it means Vaastu compliant logo giving out enhanced user experience. Our latest creation of a logo for the digital world was for our own CHECK VAASTU app that is compatible across various mobile devices which can accessed from around the world.  

4. Message of a Logo

A logo without a message is like a magnet without magnetism. A good logo that has a brand message gives full customer satisfaction.

5. Simplicity is the key  

A logo seen on a mobile screen may not be of the same size as it is seen on TV screen but it has to convey the same depth. Designing such logos needs a simple touch both in design and colours to distortion which can cost viewer satisfaction. Its ambience has to reflect viewer satisfaction in different sizes in the digital world. Ideally a logo with simple designing give the same depth to viewers even if the format changes. It is imperative that not too much colours are used to avoid “digital glare”. Simplicity of course is the digital mantra.

6. Special & Specific logos

Sometimes client’s business can require logos for a specific market or for local consumption. This would attract customer rather than business approaching the customer. These specific logos target niche audience of a region or group. Such logos can apply to art and cultural activities where profit is secondary.