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Content marketing has become one of the most important aspect of the of online business strategy. However, the reality hits at the fact as just because the business strategists and marketers realize the importance of content marketing does not mean they know how to have it, this thing is quite common in terms of start-up preceding towards the prominent market with their content. As the numbers suggests, only 4% of B2B companies think that their content is effective in marketing, whereas all the others are still trying to figure out what is missing out.

Following are the check lists you should see to be ensured, if your content is actually working.

A) Make sure your plan is structured:

You should be aware of what you are doing, many start-ups fail because their content management lack strategy and direction. You should figure out the kind of

demographics you want to target, the traffic you want togenerate by and plan your content around it. It is important to put on content online on time and at a fix time, just so that the positive performing could be received. Don’t step back in hiring content strategists and writers.

B) Promote it enough:

Are you one of those, who writes-post and then roll up their chair, thinking you are done. Many marketers think that the organic reach will effectively happen on its own, whereas nowadays- it doesn’t happen like that. If you are not promoting your content, you are just finishing the step one of writing but forgetting the marketing and promoting part. Sadly, creating content is just as same as half work done when you know promoting is the most effective way of reaching out to the potential customers and traffickers. There are plenty of ways to promote your content and you need to figure out what works best for you. Few start-ups might generate lead via email newsletters others find a way in retweeting it or pitching media influencers. Knows what works for you, and move in the direction.

C) Make sure you content is worthy:

Sometimes problem is not with the promote button or the strategy that follows but the content itself. There are many reasons to get the idea why your content is plain bad and hiring a cheapest writer- can be one of them. Start-ups often tend to go cheap in hiring and not giving the content writers, the worth which justifies the case of poorly written article and not getting the quality, your company deserve.

The other reason can be of not having the idea, of what to write about it happens to even the most interesting and exciting of the industry. It is important to have a creative tint in the business (which can be challenging, at times!), brainstorming is what you need, in situations like this.

D) Keep realistic expectations:

Consider the field of content and content marketing as marathon race and not sprint- it is not possible to get the instant results (unless, the traffic your content generates are of bots!) expecting extraordinary results within matter of weeks or months, is something you as a company should avoid. Give your content some time and a procedure to follow and give out organic results. Be patient when it comes to generating results.