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We put on business hat for a reason, business owners and their products go through rigorous quality check and house management but there are few things you cannot ignore and for the starters- Negative reviews are the major check!Be it the mode of word of mouth, website or social media- users always like to express their opinions; be it a positive or negative, not necessarily making them right or wrong. While many of them advice on turning your ear when it comes negative reviews hooting around your business but it would be foolish and careless to not consider these set of criticism and negative reviews will not affect your business.

Because, they always do!

In case you don’t, this is why you should:

91% of the users always land on Google, Facebook, Quora and TripAdvisor to decide which of the local businesses and their products are worth investing their time and

money in. 80% of the consumers buy from Amazon and Flipkart only after reading two to ten online reviews of that particular product they intend to buy. Negative reviews can change their decision of buying. Four out of five people trust these reviews and negative reviews might hurt the sale revenue. Often young generation are more generous when it comes to giving out more of the negative review; the easiest way is social media. More of more young people tweet it out when it comes to setting out the negative review.

There is no another way of avoiding the bad review, but on the contrary you can minimise the effect of negative review. It is very important to protect the brand image and keep the senses to the ground. Few things are important for the better positioning of your products and services.

Ignoring the customer’s review?

It is pretty much evident that, if the brand doesn’t listen to customer’s complains or serious negative feedback- in the generation of digital media, the ignorance cause quite a damage to one’s own brand. While the intensity of positive review often takes time and mouth referral for it to multiply, whereas the negative reviews often spread like fire in jungle and case the registration of infamous scandal, blundering the brand’s image in the market.

How to make negative reviews an opportunity of sales revenue

Listening to customer’s review and criticism could a great help to improve constructively, taking their feedbacks seriously, will make your brand better and a consideration of their reviews. Broadening a path for customer’s engagement will create a trust between the brand and customer relation.

Instead of not attending the complaint or feedback overall, it is better to construct a reply calmly and in helpful nature.

“We regret that you had terrible experience with our product, assurance of good times is ahead. Let us know, how we can solve the issue or assist you in better way”

Above mentioned line is a reply that comprises of acceptance of mistake, improvement and customer betterment.

Their updates and feeds on various social media platform about latest happenings and events keeps us informed. Our HRD minister SushmaSwaraj has also been quite active on twitter and has made her presence felt by replying to the requests by the one’s needing help or assistance.

More steps to deal with negative reviews are:

- Don’t rush in or panic

- Don’t let the review go un-attended

- Always thank your customers for the either of the feedback, empathize with them and thank them

- Respond to them and ask for some time for the issue to get solved

- Make sure you keep their feedback on priority

Business only comprises of three things- Customers, their feedback and prioritising them for their feedbacks.