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Stationaries are one of the most important part when it comes to business branding and marketing and in that Catalogues are one of the key marketing initiatives which are not only powerful in getting the word about your business and services but also let your brand stick in the market for long. Catalogues are like manuals of your business that displays all the key feature and watermarks the work along with it. It is important to acknowledge the design, lay-outs and appeal of the catalogue design. Designers should realise what kind and style of catalogue is needed for different business in terms of their approach; a ceramic industry will always have a different catalogue from a custom bespoke cloth merchant. One should just not design the brochure because it looks good; but suits the genre of the business.

Admit it or not, 30% of your business is dependent on how well your stationaries and specially your catalogue says about your business. Build you catalogue design to appeal your targeted customer. If your target customer is youth, your catalogue will be

different than the one you will build for older folks. One should find a balance between designs, texts and colours in order to target wider audience.

One should realise the real objective of catalogue- which is to promote the marketing and services by the company. The design is another key feature that should be considered well, layout of your brochure should be clean and crisp, where the placement of company’s “objective” and “services” are neatly placed, so that the on-lookers can easily point out the company’s services and at the same time appreciate the design and style used to cumulate the whole brochure whose main aim is reinvent the sales and revenue. Brochure’s design should be coherent to company’s corporate image and vision. A brochure should comprise of vision-policy and mission of a company as well as it should also comprise of sections to promote products and various other information for your potential customer.

A well written and designed professional brochure will always bring in high revenue, sales and recognition. It will also grab attention enhancing the company’s image.