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What is Digital marketing? To put it simple we at Arms Communication feel it is “Talking less and listening and observing more when we deal with clients.” This mantra helped us over a period of time create a pool of satisfied customers as talking less made us focus on what clients really had wanted.

It has been our endeavor to give good design be it logo or any other feature and combined with technology and in realizing human need we could produce and submit through digital marketing something that once was missing in consumer’s mind.

However in today’s digitalized world nothing remains outside the purview of digital marketing. Be it product or services digital technologies have improved by leaps and bounds. Reach of Internet is mindboggling and enormous.

Mobile phones and other digital media like television too encase our lives in a way that was never imagined before.

Digital marketing essentially is building digital brands. It uses all available digital channels. Unlike traditional marketing such as using pamphlets or newspapers, in today’s world distances are only on paper. Ads posted on digital slate be it Facebook, Twitter or blogs and websites reach us the instant it is posted.

Pay-per-click or PPC too has gained ground. Essentially what Google is doing is buying visitors and diverting traffic to its own site. Google could be a leader in PPC strategy.

Wiles of digital marketing touch our consciousness. We are guided by it and believe it much more than we once did reading a newspaper, pamphlet or hoarding or listening to radio. Whether in individual capacity or at organizational level digital marketing methods affect us and truly it has become real time.

Internet is the backbone of digital marketers with SMSes or text messaging and mobile apps too gaining popularity. Other methods like podcasts (digital audio files), electronic billboards, and digital television accessed through mobiles and radio channels all make up digital marketing a fascinating way of swaying the consumers and doing business by a click of the mouse.

There is nothing that one cannot access from the net. Digital media indeed can access information any time and from any place on the globe. There is wide-range of information about products and services to choose from which can be quantified and checked and related to what we are told and what we intend to buy. This mode of marketing has grown so fast that it has encompassed every aspect of our daily life. Indeed digital news matters so much that our social interaction and concept of entertainment too has changed.

It is not just about when a company will break even or what brand it is offering. It is all about changing the way people look at brands which mean changing subtly the preferences of the consumers who may not have realized what they wanted in the first place because the fear of trusting someone blindly still haunts them that being human nature. Digitally marketing a product or service has to be handled carefully when such emotions overlay. Once pulse of the people is understood tailor-made products and services can be offered.

Digital marketing without video marketing is like assuming flowers can be charming without scent. We see daily the dramatic effect of video marketing when slimming products are offered to women and each woman watching these pithy campaigns thinks she needs one even if she is slimmer than the one appearing in the ad. These video campaigns effectively promote a company or its services and also offer testimonials from satisfied customers who say with all their persuasion at command how everything changed once they went for the company’s product or services.

Live video events are popular as companies try to leverage media content through its unbelievable spread. Visual communication touches hearts and minds. But the truth is such campaigns are not easy unless one studies consumer preferences and expectations thoroughly through web, social media, mobile or mail. Consumer preferences swing as per the mood.

Care has to be taken before exploiting the information gleaned. Only then can a sound strategy be laid out to create products or services based on consumer preferences making the venture profitable.

Marketing strategies keep evolving and changing like the proverbial weather. More so when it concerns digital marketing as customer loyalty in a digitalised world is difficult to fathom or harness. Customer is exposed to multiple digital channels and is swayed by a variety of devices in different ways which are meant for different purposes. Targeting one group for all time when others too are vying for the same pie is easier said than done. Question is can choice of digital marketing be right? If so can it be done right? Of course they can be if ground rules are followed in managing complex customer relationships arising out of variety of channels — digital and traditional. How to chart a dynamic response when dealing with finicky consumer preferences is what counts before extracting ideas to make sound decisions better and faster.