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ARM has been into designing corporate logos under guidance of renowned corporate consultant and Vaastu expert Dr Ravi Rao. Logos made so far by us have been Vaastu compliant reflecting a unique flavour of shape, fonts, colour and images that highlighted the business angle of a commercial brand. We were equally at it when it came to designing business visiting cards and took care of its Vaastu compliancy.

Designing business cards are not much different from designing logos which represent the soul of a company. Business cards have auspicious content as they impact clientele in enhancing business growth. Verily they extend invitation to all in business and customer growth. Vaastu principles apply. It is not mere aesthetics of visual identification. It generates positive energy for business climate to pick up by those who were proffered the cards.

Those fired by entrepreneurial fervour may think a phone call is enough to print business cards. We in ARM believe otherwise. For us business card provides more than contact information and should be painstakingly built. It ought to connect to its unique brand and generate genuine interest.

Like every logo having a personality so is the case with business card. We had never believed using stock images every company is unique and needs special attention while designing the cards.

Vaastu Cards

A business is not profitable if it fails to attract customers. A logo has expression of inbuilt brand quality and the brand value which helps business growth by its positive vibration. If logo can act as magnet for opportunities why not through a business card? Yes, luck as a factor not ruled out when dealing with strong competitors but a business calling card can come calling as it, if done properly, can never exhibit negative subliminal influences. Value of a business card is realised only after it is printed.  

Colours matter

In designing Corporate Business Cards colours have a bearing vis-à-vis the business. Colour psychology should be understood as a business card represents the individual’s personality and his way of doing business and when attracting the market. As per Vaastu white has a significance of its own as it blends with other colours. White business cards may not mean much unless there is a touch of company logo and a blend of colours to make a business statement. Let’s see how colours work.

Red: Indicates a business that is action oriented given the warmth it generates. Red letters on white background with or without silver or gold printing has enigmatic pan business appeal.

Blue: It suits most businesses and professions, especially dark blue.  

Black: Should be handled carefully as if not elegant can be intimidating.

Green: Suggests wealth creation. Rich businessmen prefer it. Dark green enhances look and feel.

Silver: Elegant, classy, and professional. May not suit all businesses.

Gold: By its very lustrous charm can be expensive looking. Not a choice for many. White or ivory can take its place.

Pink: It concerns women and those in beauty parlour businesses prefer it.

Turquoise: One of the best colours for all seasons. Induces decision-making with its calming effect.


Paper not Plastic  

Colours add charm when material used for printing is paper. Plastic cards are in vogue but have to be avoided as they are not environment friendly. Plastic takes years to decompose. Vaastu compliancy is not achieved even with a biodegradable plastic.  ARM believes a business card can come calling if the right quality of paper (not plastics) with right tinge of colours are used. Cards made from paper being environmental friendly meet Vaastu requirements. They are good to carry. Business card can be double or one-sided depending upon information printed. Avoiding cards those quickly fray at edges or get crumpy or flimsy don’t bring good luck.

Vaastu principles apply when the company name stands out. Some prefer embossed card and some with combination of blue and red as when these colours are used judiciously they create a romantic effect that adds charm to the gossamer of brand value. Let the main letters be in red and mobile numbers and email address in blue with central space of the card left blank. (Yes, you guessed it right there is Brahmasthan at the centre of a business card). Of course, red and blue cannot be benchmark to all business cards since business varies from company to company.

ARM is concerned with negative images be it of logos or business cards. Vibrant cards with colours finely tuned lift the spirit and whosoever received the card during business parleys would certainly love to call back. Garish cards lack seriousness. Any card attractive and pleasing helps the brand and marketing value and sentiment since it connects to a target segment.

If logo is brand sentiment business cards carry it further assuring the clients of an implicit promise of quality and product guarantee.