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The struggle to find new and innovative ideas is difficult, and the path of brainstorming topics that helps you in leveraging client to pitch in and helps you in marketing success is not just as easy as it sounds. And when your job requires to rumble such ideas on daily basis, it could be equally frustrating and exhausting.

Brainstorming ideas are beneficial, it can be found helpful, if done properly. These sessions can help you inch out the ideas with your team members, and the experience can be revitalising for those who are exercising it. If you have ever had those experiences that you and your team isn’t being that much of a creative buff and scaling out worthy ideas is being difficult for you, these 5 awesome brainstorming ideas could be beneficial.

It is important to choose a premise where you and your team could interact at its best. Introduce the methods of reproducing the ideas which breaks them

from traditional mind-set. Like, sitting by the front park of the office into open air and shouting out the ideas.

1) Collect the ideas:

The best brainstorming sessions are those where each individual feels free to throw out their ideas, even if it’s the most stupid. Many people get apprehensive of their ideas and they might get chained to the very thought of the idea “being bad”. This idea is all about how many ideas, you can get. This opens up the medium for conversation and maybe someone’s bad might be the best for you. Once you are ready to collect all the ideas, learn to break them at the granular level and add them with new. You can ask your co-workers to jot down ideas and then circulate within other team members, this helps in emerging the idea into the broader concept.

2) Play with words and ideate

It is the best way to drum up some out-of-the-box thinking. This helps in procuring the innovative ideas from the generic methods. Write down words and then brainstorm to the whole set of ideas. This process helps you find ideas around those words, try thinking about its aesthetics, its metaphor, and function of that word. Don’t overthink, let the idea flow comes naturally to you. Once the word and its associated ideas keep coming it, now relate that to your project and see how you imply to it. Your idea should relate to the potential audience of the project’s market. It should help you in connecting that, with the reach of the marketing.

3) Create a mood/vision board

This is one thing that every creative person swears by, when you are ideating. Vision board is like the exact representation of what is actually going on in your mind. Combine colours, pictures, visual spatial colours, inspirations from Pinterest. If you want to make a specific look to your product, vision boards helps you in giving that a structure. Vision boards helps you in re-surfacing emotions and more conventional method of learning. It’s like a mind mapping for your ideas. You can either make it with cork board and pinning up pictures or use apps like “mood board” for more digitize version of your ideas.

4) Change your area:

Your physical environment, not only plays an important role in creative worthy ideas but is also a fun pace for once. Neurobiologists believe that once in a while changing your environment to something more supple and enriched, it syncs up to higher level brain increasing the neurons and neural functions and therefore producing ideas more than the usual siting place. This means, where you are conducting your sessions plays a big role in it. Try holding meeting in not-so regular places, if you can’t change the room-change something about the room. Or the best, have a fluid creativity by walking around with your team members.

5) Don’t invite too many people.

we are all aware of “too many cooks spoils the food”. Inviting too many people is a pool of overwhelming and unattended ideas-making people less of recognised and unmentioned. A minimum of 6 to 10 people is something that is perfectly okay for sessions like this. Have a friendly atmosphere that opens up the conversation with your team and therefore making them creatively fine.