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Logo & Stationery Design

Logo & Stationery Design

The design symbolizing your brand has to be eye-catchy and memorable. We make sure to create a timeless logo for your versatile firm.

  • Visual Art and Typography
  • Business related
  • Vaastu Compliant
  • Lucky Colours and Shapes
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Website Design

Website Design

Your clothes represent your style and your website signifies your brand. Shouldn't it contain soul of your ideology and charm of your services? Yes!

  • Unique Layout
  • Exclusive Colours and Graphics
  • Exceptional Fonts and Content
  • Easy Navigation
  • Multimedia Content
  • Interactive Pages
  • Compatibleand Advanced Technology
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Print Media

Print Media

The best way to assemble an audience is by creating something spectacular. How it feels like to be noticed and appreciated, you know right?

A. Marketing Collateral Design
  • Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Pamphlets, Standees, Hoardings, Signage Boards, Newspaper Advertisements, Newsletter Publishing, Product Packaging

B. Customized Wedding Collaterals
  • Content Writing and Designing of specific labels, invites, placards
C. Events Designing
  • Invitation Cards, Press Notes, Information Booklets
D. Coffee Table Books
E. Corporate Pitch Reports
F. Power Point Presentations
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Corporate Film Presentations

Corporate Film Presentations

We remember what we see, wouldn't it be great to visualize and understand? These films help modelling your philosophy and communicate to the world.

  •  Walkthroughs Script Writing
  •  Still Photography
  • Sound Recording
  • Animation
  • Corporate Content Writing
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Social Promotions & Marketing

Social Promotions & Marketing

Clients are waiting out for you, so we scream on your behalf and let people know that you're here. Because your brand matters!

  • Social Media Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 360o Social Marketing- Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, RSS, Podcasting, Mobile Apps, Email Campaigns, Blogging and many more.
  • SMS
  • YouTube Links
  • Facebook page sharing


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About ARM Communications
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About ARM Communications

ARM communications is a logo designing and creative graphic designing company. As an agency we deliver perfect solutions for your company's logo, stationeries, packaging etc. We design world class brand identity, flyers, brochures, posters and pamphlets.

We believe, what sets us apart from all designers and design groups is our unshakeable faith in logo design as part of a larger business plan. For us logo design is not merely a stylish graphic but the heart throb of corporate success and longevity...


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our working process

Working Process
Step 1

We get a brief from you about your firm and understand your requirements and expectations. After this detailed conversation, we are clear about the visuals you want for your firm. This helps us setting parameters of the graphics for your particular project.

Step 2

Our creative team starts brainstorming and begins with their research. They initiate mapping the design format of your logo. It's an intense process to begin with as we commence from scratch. Research includes gaining information about your product/services and firm.

Step 3

We consider Vaastu insights while choosing the shape of the logo (and once the design is formed, then in selection of colors). We follow Dr. Ravi Rao's guidelines of logo designing for your business to prosper and gain longevity.

Step 4

Then we start working on rough layout - sketches on notepad! That's our favorite part, as it involves putting various ongoing ideas on paper. Our creativity is at highest peak during this step.

Step 5

We begin with designing the best logo layout on our respective software. Ideas are now modified in the digital format. Now, colors are introduced in the design; to enhance the look of the logo and bring life to the design.

Step 6

A number of options are given to you, for you to finalize one logo. Once the logo is approved, we begin with branding (based on your requirements). It involves designing stationery for your product – letterhead, visiting cards and envelopes.

some of inspiration

what our clients say

When I first came to ARM Communications, I had no idea how my logo should look. But I was expecting a custom font and an entity that would represent my brand. ARM's creative team came up with the idea of "an eye" to best describe the security solutions brand. We're proud of our logo!

It was great working with ARM Communications. Their understanding of creativity and insight of design made the entire process extremely satisfying. They were clearly aware of every aspect of my logo design and branding. Their views and remarks throughout were extremely treasured.

This is my new venture and I went to ARM for designing my first ever logo. If you see the logo, it's very neat and clear. The logo depicts our brand culture and defines our product. It's a very thoughtful and dynamic design, I simply adore it.

I couldn't be happier or overwhelmed with the result of our project. It is apparent that ARM team knows what they are doing. It is so energizing to work with a company as meticulous as ARM. Their attention to detail and professionalism is remarkable.

It's a pleasure working with ARM team. They understand your deadlines and their graphic design work comes at reasonable prices. Their outstanding designs meet your expectations and you get to learn a lot about logo designing. I'm so pleased and surprised with the results!

It's been a while since we're using this logo for our firm. The design is timeless and indicates our brand methodology. ARM team has a really great market knowledge of latest trends and what consumers would like to see and trust. Their follow-up and communication during the whole process makes them much reliable.

ARM team comprises of artists with vision and principles, yet they go out of their way to ensure that the needs of your project are met, they share their lookout from a designer's perspective and are never short on ideas and inventions for expanding the deepness of your brand.

Logo is self-explanatory and impressive. It indicates cause 'recycling of waste' by green arrow. Arrow specifies as circular economy that is anticipated out of efforts. I'm grateful for the logo design and the way they explain it to you, it makes you re-believe in your own brand.

I'm very thankful for all the fine efforts ARM Communications put for us. From day one, it has been a pleasure working with their team. Their ideas are fresh and neat. The kind of commitment they showed, was what we were looking for all along.

I had ARM Communications design a logo for me and create a branding package. They designed logos for our sister companies and we are very grateful with the results after that. They keenly focus into the minor details and helps us understanding their perspective and knowledge of logo making. I strongly recommend them

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